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 Weight Loss Program

Weight loss program is designed to help you get fit, lose excess flab & maintain good health by becoming aware of your food habits, eating patterns, their thought habits, sleep timings, rest & recreation. It involves a holistic approach towards an overall sense of wellbeing. It will equip you to make better food & lifestyle choices and meal planning to make healthy living easy, fun and more manageable. The changes are made gradually over a period of 2½ to 4 months, depending on individual adaptability.

Plan Plan A-

First FREE consultation +

3 consultations + 2 coaching calls (15 minutes each) to be completed in 2 & ½ months.

(1 consultation of up to 1½ hrs + 2 follow ups of 45 mins each)

Plan B-

First FREE consultation +

4 consultations + 4 coaching calls (15 minutes each) to be completed in 4 months

(1st consultation of up to 1½ hrs + 3 follow ups of 45 mins each)





What is in it for you?

1) Diet plan

A Custom made diet plan will be given to you according to your goals, your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and requirements.

Awareness sessions about Diet will include-

·         The basic principles of eating right

·         Food combining & eating right to minimize fat storage & enhance fat loss

·         Foods to be had in plenty, foods to be had in moderation & foods to avoid.

·         Snacking right

·         Guidelines for eating at outings, restaurants & parties

·         Guidelines to optimize nutrition consumption & absorption

·         Food Shopping guide & a list of health food stores

·         Detoxification program

·         Mindset training & Motivation to stay on track

2) Guidelines for a healthy lifestyle

·         Strategies for restful sleep

·         Guidelines for an effective Workout

·          Daily/ Weekly practices for increased productivity, focus, energy levels & peace of mind.

·         Balancing the various elements of health

3) Health Recipes, Meal plans & Culinary guidance- 

MOST of the modern day cooking methods drain our foods of the essential enzymes & nutritive values. This part of the program shows you how you can make your day to day food healthy, while retaining the nutrients & enzymes. Surely while retaining or even enhancing the taste! 

·         Healthy Cooking Methods

·         Recipes for- Juices, Smoothies, Vegetable dishes, delicious wraps, Sandwiches, Starters , Main course dishes & Party dishes.

You may choose to implement the guidelines for your usual recipes or you may even want to add some fun & variety, experimenting with the given recipes.

4) Maintenance program


The success of a weight loss/fat loss program rests on the ability of the client to maintain the ideal body composition that he/she has achieved during the program. That is what you learn in this part of the program, which is the final consultation.

·         Planning your meals (for maintenance)

·         How to eat your favorite foods without gaining an ounce of fat.




How does it work?

It involves 3 simple steps

Step 1:  Your first step will be to fill a health assessment form & also a 3 days diet & activity sheet which will help us figure out your health history, current eating pattern, food preferences, nutrient & calorie intake and also your pattern of energy expenditure throughout the day
This step is important as the diet is planned around your preferences & activities. Give as many details as possible.

Step 2:  After we get your forms & measurements, we will work out a diet for you. Our principles are based on the principles of natural living backed with latest scientific knowledge. You will be expected to follow it just the way it is. Since it is customized to your suitability, it’s simple to follow. A little bit of discipline, pre-planning and perseverance can make the process of change very doable. The whole idea is to evolve into an eating & lifestyle pattern that you can stay with for the rest of your life.

Step 3: After the first consultation, you can start keeping a diet journal to note your daily food intake & timings. Your diet plan will be reviewed and changed every 2 to 4 weeks based on your adaptability & feedback. In addition, there will be a previously scheduled time slot for you every week where you can discuss your issues and progress over phone with Mukta.






Why choose Radiant Health :

At Radiant Health, we ensure that along with your weight loss, your all round wellness is taken care of. Our weight loss program –

·          Will make you lose ‘fats’ while preserving lean body mass (vital body tissues)

·          Sensibly takes care of your nutritional requirements while helping you reach your ideal body proportion. It addresses nutrition and not simply calories.

·         Will not put you in a starvation mode

·         Will not deprive your body of necessary fats & carbohydrates.

·         Equips you with the tools to manage your food intake even while socializing. Allows an individual to eat with family & friends.

·         You develop a new approach towards eating healthy & staying fit, as a matter of habit.

·         After fat loss, you will be equipped with the right awareness & lifestyle habits to maintain your ideal body composition.

·         Will not make you eat tasteless foods. We equip you with tasty health recipes so that you enjoy every bite of your food! Especially if you thought that losing weight is a boring journey, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

·          Based on scientific principles of weight loss and encourages healthy eating practices.

·         Encourages principles of variety, moderation and balance.

·         Prescribed by qualified health professionals.

·         Is in harmony with traditional wisdom and cultural food practices drastically

·         Customized to meet individuals needs and life styles.

·          Will not require you to buy supplements, pills, bars or shakes

·          Will not take over your life

·          NOT an ALL or NOTHING program





Drawbacks of Obesity

According to a projection by World Health Organization (WHO) “The global epidemic of overweight and obesity - "globesity" - is rapidly becoming a major public health problem in many parts of the world. Paradoxically coexisting with under-nutrition in developing countries, the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity is associated with many diet-related chronic diseases including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension and certain cancers.” 60% of the deaths occur during conditions like Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer & Diabetes. A lifestyle that leads to overweight & obesity, is also a lifestyle that leads to these chronic diseases! 
Did you know that not only does obesity rob you of Good-looks, but it also :

·         Is responsible for diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Liver problems, Kidney problems, Hormonal disorders, Arthritis, Asthma etc. etc.

·         Takes away your precious energy & makes you lethargic.

·         Hampers you from participating in hobbies of your choice

·         Reduces fertility

·         Robs a person of opportunities like a getting into a certain career or getting a suitable match

·         Accelerates ageing

·         Lowers confidence & self-esteem

·         Limits the variety of clothing that you can wear

·         Robs your natural radiance. Dulls your Skin, Hair, Nails.





Benefits of getting fit

Though the benefits & experience of a healthy, fit body, mind & soul cannot be summed up in words, here are some of the perks that a person enjoys when he gets fit-

·         Dramatic improvement in looks & personality

·         Confidence & Self-esteem shoots up

·         Prevents diseases

·         Keep you energetic

·         Dramatically improves your career/ matrimonial prospects

·         Helps prevent ageing. Adds years to your life & life to your years

·         You can wear trendy clothes of your choice & look great in them too!

·         Brings a Natural glow to your skin, luster to your hair which no hair serum can give you for long, strength to your nails, teeth & bones- whatever your age may be.