How does it work?
Why choose this program

Holistic Nutrition Program


( for wellbeing & preventive health care )

Through the Holistic Nutrition Program we demonstrate to you how you can have your wellbeing in your own hands by making well informed choices in food habits, sleep pattern, thought habits, rest & recreation. We equip you with tools that will help you to stay fit & energetic lifelong.

First FREE consultation  +

3 consultations +  2 coaching calls (15 minutes each)  to be completed in 2 & ½ months.

(1st consultation of 1½ hrs + 2 follow ups of 45 mins each)

1)  Nutrition plan

A Custom made nutrition plan according to your goals, likes, dislikes, lifestyle and requirements.

Awareness sessions about nutrition will include -

·         Food combining & proper timing to maximize nutrition absorption.

·         Foods to be had in plenty, foods to be had in moderation & foods to avoid

·         How to eat your favorite foods & Damage control tips

·         Guidelines for eating out, at restaurants & parties

·         Guidelines to optimize nutrition consumption & absorption

·         Food Shopping guide & a list of health food stores

·         Guidelines to detoxify your body

2)  Guidelines for a healthy lifestyle

·         Exercise guidelines

·         Balancing the various elements of health

·         Daily & Weekly practices to enhance your well being

·         Home remedies for some health issues

3) Health Recipes, Meal plans & Cooking styles that suit your health goals.

     (If you think health foods are boring, you’re in for a surprise J )

·         Cooking methods to enhance nutrition, retain the very beneficial enzymes & enhance the taste

·         Recipes to add variety to your meal plans.

·         Recipes include delicious Smoothies, Yummy Soups, Crunchy Starters, Soothing Salads, Nourishing Juices, Main course dishes, Party dishes.


     How does it work?


It involves 3 simple steps

Step 1: Your first step will be to fill a health assessment form & also a 3 days diet & activity sheet which will help us figure out your health history, current eating pattern, food preferences, nutrient & calorie intake and also your pattern of energy expenditure throughout the day This step is important as the diet is planned around your preferences & activities. Give as many details as possible.

Step 2:  After we get your forms, we will work out a nutrition plan for you. Our principles are based on the principles of natural living backed with latest scientific knowledge. You will be expected to follow it just the way it is. Since it is customized to your suitability, it’s simple to follow. A little bit of discipline, pre-planning and perseverance can make the process of change very doable. The whole idea is to evolve into an eating & lifestyle pattern that you can stay with for the rest of your life.

Step 3: After the first consultation, you can start keeping a diet journal to note your daily food intake & timings. Your diet plan will be reviewed and changed every 2 to 4 weeks based on your adaptability & feedback. In addition, there will be a previously scheduled time slot for you every week where you can discuss your issues and progress over phone with Mukta.

Why choose our Holistic Nutrition program :

   At Radiant Health, we have a holistic approach towards nutrition & wellness. Our Holistic Nutrition program –

 ~ Sensibly takes care of your nutritional requirements while helping you reach your ideal body proportion. It addresses nutrition and not simply calories.

 ~ Equips you with the tools to manage your food intake even while socializing.

 ~ You develop a new approach towards eating healthy & staying fit, as a matter of habit.

 ~ Will not make you eat tasteless foods. We equip you with tasty health recipes so that you enjoy every bite of your food! Especially if you thought that eating healthy is a boring transition, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

 ~ Based on scientific principles of weight loss and encourages healthy eating practices.

 ~ Encourages principles of variety, moderation and balance.

 ~ Prescribed by qualified health professionals.

 ~ Is in harmony with traditional wisdom and cultural food practices drastically

 ~ Customized to meet individuals needs and life styles.

 ~ Will not require you to buy supplements, pills, bars or shakes

 ~ Will not take over your life

~ NOT an ALL or NOTHING program