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Sample Diet Plan


    Given below is a sample diet plan to give you an ideGiven below is a sample diet plan to give you an idea of how you would be eating. However, before you read the same kindly note these points:

    1) Your individual diet plan is designed keeping in mind your :

    • Food choices (veg, non-veg, favorite foods, religion)
    • Food availability
    • Health condition
    • Individual calorie requirements
    • Weight loss goals
    • Work & Lifestyle

    2) The below diet plan is a general suggestion of a healthy diet.

    3) Several recipes are provided to our clients to make regular food tastier & healthier. Healthy foods like veg juices, pasta, parathas, salads, smoothies can be made very tasty with a bit of creativity.

    4) There are many more varieties that are allowed in the diet & the portion sizes are different for everyone.

    Here is an example of how a nutritious, weight loss diet might look like:

    7 am : 1 to 3 fruits

    9 am : Poha / Upma / Idli- sambar/ Paratha

    11 am : Buttermilk

    1 pm : Chapatis + Subzi + Dal + Salad

    3pm : Sprouts or Veggies with dip

    5 pm : Bhel / Open sandwich / Pasta

    7 pm : Delicious veg juice

    8.30 pm : Soup + Dal + Rice + Subzi