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About Us

About Radiant Health:

All your accomplishments- wealth, success, fame are all worthless if your health is not up to the mark. So what exactly is health? A mere absence of pain & disease? That’s just a good start. However, that means just enough of balance in your wellness bank to survive. We are talking about abundance in your wellness bank, a surplus of energy & well being, not just survival.

You have received a magnificent gift in the form of your body. It’s the only one you will ever have & it’s your responsibility to maintain it for an entire lifetime.

Our role is to support you to do just that.. To add life to your years & years to your life & have fun doing that.

Radiant Health is a medium to bring back to you that which is yours to begin with- the experience of vibrant health, a fit & shapely body, a happy mindset & the power to experience life to your maximum potential!

About the founder:

Radiant Health is founded by leading Holistic health consultant, Ms.Mukta Tolani in October 2010.

Her belief in natural living motivated her to take this up as a career. She has worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their health & fitness goals. She has work experience of over 4 years. She has specialized in Fitness management, Nutrition & Yoga.

She has coached people from various backgrounds like CEOs, Models, Housewives, Business men, Students, Corporate employees, lawyers, professionals etc. for workouts, diet & lifestyle changes.

She has been blessed with culinary skills & her prize-winning salad recipes have featured in Times of India. For her, being a holistic health consultant is a way to touch lives & share the possibility of wellness & happiness with one & all.

Media Articles :

Chitralekha Magazine, Pre-Diwali issue



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